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Carpet Care ...

We use truck mounted cleaning equipment (10 times more powerful than portable) and carry our own fresh water to provide you for the most thorough deep cleaning and quickest drying possible.

The process ...

  1. Pre-Vacuum
    • Increases cleaning effectiveness
    • Removes dry soil before it gets wet
  2. Move furniture
    • As necessary
  3. Treat stains
    • Every effort is made to remove troublesome spots... without damage to your carpet
  4. Precondition
    • Provides much better cleaning results than extraction alone
  5. Extraction and rinse
    • Removes soil and detergent from carpet fibers
    • ensures no sticky residue remains
  6. Block or tab furniture
    • As necessary when replacing furniture to its original position
    • Helps ensure proper drying
    • These can be discarded in as little as one full day
  7. Re-apply carpet protector
    • Helps restores carpets’ ability to resist spots and stains
    • Will not void your carpet’s warranty
  8. Speed-dry (if requested)
    • Helps protect carpet from stains (which it is very susceptible to when damp)
    • Returns your room / home to service sooner

Stains ...

As much as we would like to completely remove every stain, sometimes this is just not possible (maybe that's why they call them "stay-ins") If you have a specific spot or stain that you know of and you know its cause - please tell us. Different stains call for different solutions and procedures so the more we know the better and faster we can remove these eyesores.

Common Carpet Terms ...

  Kenosha (262) 652-6445
  Racine (262) 632-8002