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Furniture Care ...

Our upholstery cleaning service will help preserve your furniture fabric while removing most stains, odors and allergens - lengthening furniture life and helping you avoid high replacement costs!

Furniture care is a bit more complicated than carpet cleaning for a number of reasons. There are many factors to consider, before, during and after a good deep cleaning procedure on a couch or chair. For example, while "cleaning codes" may be listed on the piece itself, they are notorious for being ether incomplete or inadequate.

Our years of experience has taught us that when necessary, asking questions, performing a series of tests (in an inconspicuous spot of course) to determine if your upholstery is susceptible to such things as bleeding. PH reaction, browning or shrinkage, and just generally treating your furniture with the care and respect we use for our own goes a long way towards making you, a repeat and very happy customer

The Process ...

1. Color test the fabric
  • Eliminates bleeding or crocking of fabric dye
  • Help determine proper procedure for cleaning
2. Pre-Vacuum
  • Removes dry particles
  • Increases cleaning effectiveness
  • Removes dry soil before it gets wet
3. Treat Spots
  • Increases effectiveness of overall cleaning process
  • Special care is taken not to remove color with stain
4. Apply detergent
  • More effective than extraction alone
5. Dirt removal & Clean water rinse
  • Rinses soil and detergent from fibers
  • Ensures no sticky residue remains
6. Fabric protector application
  • Restores the fibers ability to resist spots and stains
  • Protects your investment
  • Extends the life of upholstery
7. Speed dry (if requested)
  • Less possibility of shrinkage
  • Less chance of bleeding (crocking) of upholstery dyes
  • Helps protect fabric from stains (which it is very susceptible to when damp)
  • Returns your furniture to service sooner

Average drying times - While individual times will vary, as a general rule 1-2 hours is sufficient for most upholstery to dry. 100% cotton will take slightly longer.

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